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Please have all materials purchased and in the band room by Friday, September 8th (but the sooner the better).

Woodwind & Brass

All woodwind and brass players need two books this year (Wind Ensemble & Concert Band), Foundations for Superior Performance and Basics in Rhythm.  Please click the images for links.


Foundations for Superior Performance

for your specific instrument


Basics in Rhythm

Same for all instruments


Woodwind and brass players will also need a Korg TM-60 tuner/metronome or equivalent...any tuner/metronome combo will work, but no apps since students can't use cell phones during school.


All percussion students need the following books.  Please click on images for links.


Primary Handbook for Snare Drum by Whaley


Primary Handbook for Mallets by Whaley


Basics in Rhythm

Since percussion already has two books that are required above, please let Mr. Flinchbaugh know if you'd like to borrow a school copy of Basics in Rhythm.



  • One pair snare drum sticks

  • One pair yarn mallets

  • One pair hard rubber mallets

  • One pair timpani mallets

  • Stick bag (with name tag)

(Click image for link to premade Steve Weiss stick pack which includes all you need.)

All percussion students also need both a bell set (or xylophone/marimba/etc) and a snare drum or drum pad for home practice and playing exams.

*If providing the following books will be challenging for you, please email Mr. Flinchbaugh and we will arrange for band boosters to help cover the materials.

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