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Dates to Remember

Fall Concert:  November 8th @ RHHS – 7:00 PM

Assessment:  March 4-7 - Time/Location TBD (all students will be required to attend ONE day of assessment)

Spring Concert:  May 21st @ RHHS – 7:00 PM

Music in the Parks (Wind Ensemble Only):  May 24th @ Hershey Park – approx. 6:00 AM-10:00 PM


Summative Assignments--40%

  • Tests, Quizzes, Concert Performances, etc.

Short Term Assignments--60%

  • Practice Checks, Assignments, Reflections, etc.

Late Policy

Any assignment which is submitted late will receive a 10% (one letter grade) deduction.  After one week you will receive half of the credit earned (50% deduction).  No assignments will be accepted after four weeks.  Also, no playing test will be accepted after the concert on which the piece is performed.

Grading Standards

Procedures & Practices

Mus s1: Creativity & Composition

Develops and applies strategies to generate and express a variety of musical ideas.     

Mus s2: Musicianship

Uses best practices and experiences to inform and develop an authentic voice.

Mus s3: Applied Skills & Technical Development

Demonstrates skills and strategies appropriate to music-making.    

Mus s4: Procedures & Practices

Demonstrates appropriate musical practices in the classroom or rehearsal environment.

Mus s5: Reflection

Communicates an understanding of concepts and strategies through the evaluation of music.

Students are not just learning to perform on their instruments, but they are also learning to conduct themselves in a large ensemble rehearsal.  This class will put the student in the role of a professional instrumental musician. As such, you will be asked to show your understanding of rehearsal and performance behavior.  Students are observed and assessed on their instrumental performance and rehearsal conduct on a daily basis

  • Rehearsal Etiquette

  • Material Preparation

  • Following Sectional Schedules


Arrival at Rehearsal

  • Arrive at rehearsals on time with everything you will need. This includes, but is not limited to, your instrument and all Band music, a sharpened pencil, and all necessary accessories (such as mutes, reeds, oils, and so on).

  • Take responsibility to get your instrument out and ready to play, adjust your chair and stand so that you can see the director, and put your music in order as soon as possible after entering the band room.


During Rehearsal

  • Do not eat, drink, or chew gum while you are in rehearsal.

  • No cell phone / iPod use during rehearsals at all.

  • Sit or stand as appropriate with good playing position at all times.

  • Do not talk or play while the conductor is on the podium. At all.

  • When the conductor raises the baton, instruments should be raised to playing position.

  • Stop immediately after a cut off and listen attentively for directions.

  • Play at your absolute best at all times.​


After Rehearsal

  • At the end of rehearsal, clean your area so that it is cleaner and neater than before you arrived, pack up your instrument and music, and arrive at your next class on time.

  • Make sure that your chair is neatly in the arch that it is supposed to be.

  • Pack your instrument quickly and safely.

  • Put your instrument back into a cubby and all music next to your instrument.

Classroom Expectations

  • Do not touch any instrument other than your own unless instructed to do so.

  • Have a lesson book and/or fingering chart at every rehearsal. Students are expected to purchase and have the appropriate method book

  • Make sure that your name is on your instrument case and music at all times. Students will be required to have a name tag on their instrument (or the school instrument that they are using). Percussionists must have a name tag on their Stick Bag at all times.

  • Have a pencil (not a pen!) at every rehearsal.

  • Prepare for each rehearsal. Make sure that your instrument is in working order and that you have your music -- and have it prepared!

  • Your instrument and music must go home every day so that you may practice.

Required Evening Rehearsals

  • We may have occasional after-school or night rehearsals before concerts and/or festivals.

  • Each and every rehearsal will be announced far in advance via Canvas message.

  • After-school or night rehearsals will usually run from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm. In order for the ensemble to be fully prepared and to perform at a high level, attendance is required at all after-school and night rehearsals.

  • Students must be picked up within 15 minutes from the scheduled end of a rehearsal.

Required County Assessment

The Howard County Assessment is required of Howard County music students. This is a one-time performance opportunity that cannot be made up. Please plan for this NOW: Pending notification from HCPSS, This year, Wind Ensemble assessment will take place March 4th or 5th.  Concert Band assessment will take place March 6th or 7th. Specific dates and times will be given as soon as assigned.  The snow dates are March TBD.

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